Wunderlist integrates a number of functions that I was aiming to design myself into a solution called ACTBLOC. The search, and auto filter function works fantastic, and the on the go sync between iphone, laptop, ipad is flawless. Use #'s to filter items per review, e.g. I use #PLT in the main text of the … Continue reading productivity

succesful managers lead by definition

The principle of "managing" is to get things "done". There is no doubt that in order to get things done in complex organisations today, modern leadership skills are required. So instead of narrow labelling of professionals into manager or leader I prefer to measure how succesful managers are, and succesful managers are strong leaders by … Continue reading succesful managers lead by definition

The wonders of Wunderlist

The complexity of global matrix organisations requires a smarter way of managing your "to-do's". I have personally tried many off the shelf productivity tools, I made complex Excel based sheets and even started to develop a commercial solution... The thing is, each individual action and "thing" to do has intersections with different people, teams, customers.... … Continue reading The wonders of Wunderlist