Wunderlist integrates a number of functions that I was aiming to design myself into a solution called ACTBLOC. The search, and auto filter function works fantastic, and the on the go sync between iphone, laptop, ipad is flawless.
Use #’s to filter items per review, e.g. I use #PLT in the main text of the items I want to review in my “PTO Leadership Team”.

You can mail a filtered subset of tasks, including subtasks easily to a team, or contact.
BASE, http://www.getbase.com, is the best CRM system I’ve seen so far. Lean, fast, web based and user friendly. I use it in my startups like AMBITIONONE.org as well as for my private network (>3000 contacts). BASE offers fast filtering, mass emailing (e.g. to my “university friends”, or “family”) and offers a great location insight, showing all contacts around you.

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