The complexity of global matrix organisations requires a smarter way of managing your “to-do’s”.

I have personally tried many off the shelf productivity tools, I made complex Excel based sheets and even started to develop a commercial solution…

The thing is, each individual action and “thing” to do has intersections with different people, teams, customers…. So with traditional tools you either end up maintaining many separate lists, or flipping through all of your notes to find the relevant ones.
@Wunderlist offers a way to do this far more efficiently. Just install the Wunderlist app on your phone, table and laptop. 

For each new item add the relevant #tags of people or meetings, e.g. “Build the value proposition for the new flying #frisbee #peterpan #sales”. In an other ocassion you might discuss the budget for the next big fair, “define budget for the next outdoor fair #sales”.

The cool thing is when you now prepare for your sales meeting, you simply search for “#sales” and you will quickly find all relevant items to discuss at your sales meeting, in the same way if you sit with Peter Pan you  filter for #peterpan. 

You can update on a single topic, do use the subtask or notes function, and in each meeting you will have the latest info available. The mobile app syncs with your desktop, and if you really can’t enter a meeting without a stack of papers then you can print a filtered list.

Enjoy the “Wunder”.

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